Want to become a personal trainer?

Things You Should Know before You Decide to become a personal trainer.

Right now, across the world, the profession of fitness training is one of the hottest career options. The fitness industry is expanding by the day with people coveting a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming a personal trainer is not too difficult either. All you need is a high school education and complete all the required steel mace courses from a good institute like

However, like every other profession, a personal trainer’s job to has its pros and cons. It is crucial for you to know all about the profession before you enroll in your personal training course.KETTLEBELL 3

The Benefits

If fitness is your passion, you can turn your devotion to a viable career that is sustainable for years. People are waking up to the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and want to enroll in fitness classes. Once you establish yourself as an expert personal trainer, you can really make good money while enjoying the work you do.

You can be your own master. Select your timings and the number of hours you want to work per day. You can work full-time or part-time while pursuing other commitments. You can even decide how many weeks you can take off in a year so as to relax and spend time with your family.

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Perhaps one of the most important perks is that you stay fit yourself. Being a personal trainer allows you to implement all that you have learned at your steel mace courses. And of course, as the trainer, you do need to maintain a sturdy physique which means you have to follow a workout schedule yourself.

Another huge perk is the satisfaction you get when you help people reach their fitness goals and see the smile of satisfaction on their face.

Things you should Consider
However, there is more to just completing your personal trainer courses and starting off as a trainer. There are several things to consider before taking the plunge.

You must stay Committed
Come rain or shine, you must keep your commitment to your clients and conduct each and every session. A trainer who often cancels a session for any reason whatsoever is not someone clients will want to continue with.

Yes, timings are flexible but do remember if you want to expand your business you must agree to train clients even at 5 am and end your day after 8 pm.

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Be Clear about Business Fundamentals
Completing your personal trainer course is not enough to sustain a viable business. You must have a very clear idea about business fundamentals. Understand how much to charge and how many clients you require in order to earn your desired income. If you are using a rented place, consider the rent expense too. Know all about taxes you have to pay and options available for liability insurance.

Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Swings – Ideal Height

The kettlebell swing is undoubtedly one of the best workouts you can start your training with. It is one of the basics of kettlebell training and is taught at length during kettlebell instructor courses online. It offers several benefits apart from giving your body super strong and toned legs. The swing can be done by itself or forms a part of several compound workouts.

kettlebell swing

The swing is a simple exercise wherein you grab the kettlebell by both hands, hinge at the hip, pass the bell backward through your legs and then push it upward with a ballistic thrust of your hips.

However, this simple workout comprises several crucial techniques and one of the major ones is how high should the ball be at its uppermost position.

Two Distinct Approaches

Primarily, you can swing the kettlebell up to the shoulders or take it further upward till it is locked overhead. The former approach, sometimes referred to as the American Swing is practiced by select people for specific purpose.

Kettlebell courses however always teach you that the bell should move upwards till your shoulder level and not more. This is the perfect height if you want to master the correct movement patterns; lift effectively and safely, develop power from below up and develop your skills in lifting the kettlebell the right way.

Understand the Basic Purpose of the Swing

The swing is primarily considered as an assistance workout that teaches you how to connect the lower and upper parts of your body. Swings are done under high tension and are great for strengthening your posterior chain and lower body.

They are not intended to target the muscles of your neck or back.

The swing is one of the core movement patterns you learn that prepares your body for more complex workouts. It is therefore very important that you learn the right way of swinging the bell and lifting it to the correct height.

Drive Power from the Ground 

When you are swinging the kettlebell you should always try to drive the prime force from the ground to the upward direction. Perfecting this pattern will allow you to use the strength of your entire body to overpower the resistance provided by the weight of the heavy kettlebell.

Kettlebell personal trainer courses teach you that in order to generate power from the ground, you should pull the instrument into the backward direction and then as you thrust it upward, dig your fit real well into the ground and thrust with your hips.

Your goal should be to maintain a seamless contact from your body to your arms so that that weight can be lifted upward in a swinging motion without your arms having to pull it up. See more on the best kettlebell course!

Shoulder Height is what you should Aim For

When you pull the kettlebell upward till your shoulder level or a bit lower, the pattern becomes extremely safe for your back muscles. If you pull the kettlebell further high and go for the overhead lockout, you will be using the muscles of your upper back and neck region which creates several areas of compression. Such areas can easily become sore after several reps.

Personal Training Advice

A Quick Guide to Body Transformations

Are you thinking of opting for bodybuilding? It boosts self-confidence tremendously. You wouldfit individual look good and you could flaunt your strong ripped body. If you wish to be in shape all your life go for bodybuilding and learn how to build muscle. Visit the 12 week body transformation to get your dream body!

When you gain muscle weight, rest assured to burn a lot of calories that makes it really difficult to gain weight. You could stay beautiful, fit and active all your life. However, initiating a bodybuilding program could seem to be a challenging task. Here is a complete guide for you to achieve your dream body.

Go for a Complete Clinical Check Up

You should always get your health and fitness levels examined before you consider enhancing your body. It is important to get health benchmarks on issues like blood pressure, bone density, fasting glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. You could measure them and constantly keep track of the progress you are making. Soon you could clearly see your dedication and hard work get translated into concrete results.

Set a Realistic Goal Right at the Outset

If you want to know how to get ripped fast first thing you need to learn is that tt really pays if you set a realistic, measurable and clear goal. You must devote some time to assessing your present physical condition and decide exactly where you would like to be in, may be, three months, a year and in five or six years from now. Once you have set a target for yourself, all you need to do is to stay focused and be determined to achieve your goals.

Eliminate Trash from Your Life

You must remove all sorts of trash from all aspects of your life – emotional, social and nutritional of course. You need to put your past well behind you and forge ahead with vigour and enthusiasm. Eliminate anything or anybody that bogs you down or keeps you away from achieving your fitness goals and eventually success.

It is really important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people, who would inspire you to go ahead with the transformation. Clear your cupboards and throw away candies, cookies and all sorts of junk. Stay away from Twinkies and Oreos and stick to smart food decisions.

Design Your Fitness Programme Effectively

You must at first do pre-workout exercises and do a lot of cardio, and strength training especially, if you have not lately been into any kind of regular physical activity. Indulge in bodypart training as it is effective since you are training one muscle group only at a time with one to three exercises.

During the initial week it is best to exercise with light weights and aim toward completing 15 reps. Initially you should train once in every two or three days. May be you could start on a Monday then do again on Wednesday and then again on Friday. You should do the workouts, sets, reps and even rest as per prescription so that you complete the entire resistance training within 60 minutes.

Determination is the Key to Success

Once you have come up with your fitness goals you must stick to bodybuilding diet and exercise routines and allow for adequate rest and recovery. You should be determined to achieve your goals and go ahead with relevant lifestyle changes to accommodate bodybuilding schedules. You need to plan and prepare special bodybuilding meals and carry them with you wherever you go.

A Quick Guide to a Body Transformation

Remember that dedication and determination alone can help you overcome the challenges and achieve a great body. When you are following a fitness schedule, training diligently and having the right meals then you could take some diet supplements for meeting any kind of nutritional deficiencies and effectively building your body. For any other concerns, visit

Personal Training Advice

Focus on Becoming Strong not Skinny with a Personal Trainer in Bondi Beach

When it comes to working out people – especially ladies – think more in terms of acquiring size zero clothes fit. This is the wrong approach.

Rather than going around looking like a beanpole your workouts should concentrate more on building strength. When you are physically strong your mental capabilities also improve and you will develop the right amount of determination and confidence to improve your lifestyle.

Also keep in mind that beauty is something that varies from one person to another so you should not let any warped perception influence your workout goals. If you need guidance on how to build strength rather than just dropping weight, you could use the services of Dangerously Fit Personal Training in Bondi Beach.


Why Focus on Gaining Strength Over Going Skinny

  • Being skinny if your body also has enough strength – is not a problem. Remember strength can come in different sizes. But if you focus on strength when working out you will enjoy better health and be able to better tackle life’s everyday activities
  • When your body develops a strength quotient you will automatically see a few additional curves – and definitely curves add to a more attractive appearance.
  • As against a skinny look, when you decide to instead build muscle, you do not need to keep fighting those hunger pangs. You can enjoy good healthy food, as the body requires the right amount of nutrients.
  • When it comes to clothes, your mantra should be ‘you wear the clothes’ not ‘your clothes wearing you’. The latter situation pushes you into a situation where you literally become a clothes hanger.
  • You have to ensure your body is not deprived of its quota of nutrients. Fat should be looked at as a source of energy to help with your fitness regimen.
  • When you go after a skinny look you are not respecting your body. Any Bondi Beach personal trainer will tell you that your body is a machine and you should treat it with respect, not continuously knock it just to appear ‘skinny’. You need to keep a close watch as to what extent you should go when working out.
  • It is important not to be just guided by society when it comes to physical appearance. It is your body and you need to create your own personalised standards.
  • A good physical appearance should also rely on watching the progress of your abdominal lines rather than nitpicking yourself to attain a skinny look. You need to burn calories, not just count them.
  • Working out is not just about dropping kilos and getting toned – that happens automatically when you take up strength training.


When you concentrate on strength rather than a skinny look, you will find that your everyday life becomes easier to cope with. Your body will be able to handle the daily grind without too taxing an effort. Your quest for strength should be a never-ending journey – there is no time- bar even with the onset of age. Strength will keep you healthy and help you to survive; more so as it applies to most daily activities in life. If you need help on this level as mentioned above you could always take advice from a Bondi Beach personal trainer.


Personal Trainer Course Shares Best Fitness Marketing Tips

Go the personal trainer way

Instead of putting your body through such rigorous discomfort by going in for a crash diet, think of hiring a personal trainer to help you to lose those unwanted kilos.  Personal trainers undergo fitness training qualifications including nutrition advise.  After studying your individual requirements the trainer will be in a position to draw up a fitness programme for you to follow.

The trainer will then supervise your regular workouts and make changes as and when required. He or she will also track your progress and ensure you do not attract any injury risk. As opposed to the disadvantages of a crash diet mentioned above a personal trainer could be in a position to recommend the right diet you should follow when working out.

If you don’t know where to look, you need to know that a good personal trainer will work on his SEO for gyms and personal trainers so that he can be found on the internet easily.

Often, people will call the first personal trainers they find on the first page of their search engine.

If he or she does not have the required knowledge a good nutritionist could be recommended. Definitely when working out you need to be more alert to your eating habits and look at pro-health foods such as lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. But the said diet will be spread over time – not ‘crash’ – so the body adjusts and balances the same with the workouts.


Know now that losing weight by going on a crash diet can be the cause of unnecessary harm. The more sensible way to lose weight is to go in for work outs under the guidance of a personal trainer. Such professional guidance will involve gradual changing of your eating habits, ensuring your metabolism does not drop too fast.