Looking for Health and Fitness help? Can’t make the Expo???

Welcome to our blog, where we aim to search out all the great health and lifestyle ideas and scrapbook them all in one place!

We think everyone deserves to live better and healthier, and to enjoy a decent life/work balance. People who are able to exercise regularly are up to 50% less likely to call in sick for work – and not just because they are better human beings, upstanding an honest, but because with a regular fitness session you will reduce the number of colds you pick up, and give your insides a general shake up for healthy improvement.

Did you know exercise even works when you aren’t doing it? Because of the (happy) side effects from building up your muscle through exercise, when your body is at rest you will be burning more calories naturally, this means you can enjoy more food and maintain your preferred weight with less hardship.

Simply put, regular exercise can only benefit the individual, so we should all start today. Feel free to email or comment with your health and fitness examples, and perhaps we can help each other… and that’s only a good thing!