Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Swings – Ideal Height

The kettlebell swing is undoubtedly one of the best workouts you can start your training with. It is one of the basics of kettlebell training and is taught at length during kettlebell instructor courses online. It offers several benefits apart from giving your body super strong and toned legs. The swing can be done by itself or forms a part of several compound workouts.

kettlebell swing

The swing is a simple exercise wherein you grab the kettlebell by both hands, hinge at the hip, pass the bell backward through your legs and then push it upward with a ballistic thrust of your hips.

However, this simple workout comprises several crucial techniques and one of the major ones is how high should the ball be at its uppermost position.

Two Distinct Approaches

Primarily, you can swing the kettlebell up to the shoulders or take it further upward till it is locked overhead. The former approach, sometimes referred to as the American Swing is practiced by select people for specific purpose.

Kettlebell courses however always teach you that the bell should move upwards till your shoulder level and not more. This is the perfect height if you want to master the correct movement patterns; lift effectively and safely, develop power from below up and develop your skills in lifting the kettlebell the right way.

Understand the Basic Purpose of the Swing

The swing is primarily considered as an assistance workout that teaches you how to connect the lower and upper parts of your body. Swings are done under high tension and are great for strengthening your posterior chain and lower body.

They are not intended to target the muscles of your neck or back.

The swing is one of the core movement patterns you learn that prepares your body for more complex workouts. It is therefore very important that you learn the right way of swinging the bell and lifting it to the correct height.

Drive Power from the Ground 

When you are swinging the kettlebell you should always try to drive the prime force from the ground to the upward direction. Perfecting this pattern will allow you to use the strength of your entire body to overpower the resistance provided by the weight of the heavy kettlebell.

Kettlebell personal trainer courses teach you that in order to generate power from the ground, you should pull the instrument into the backward direction and then as you thrust it upward, dig your fit real well into the ground and thrust with your hips.

Your goal should be to maintain a seamless contact from your body to your arms so that that weight can be lifted upward in a swinging motion without your arms having to pull it up. See more on the best kettlebell course!

Shoulder Height is what you should Aim For

When you pull the kettlebell upward till your shoulder level or a bit lower, the pattern becomes extremely safe for your back muscles. If you pull the kettlebell further high and go for the overhead lockout, you will be using the muscles of your upper back and neck region which creates several areas of compression. Such areas can easily become sore after several reps.